Fredericton Business Ambassador Awards winter 2010 i-Canada. Fredericton Profiled! February 2011. i-Canada announcement quoting the Mayor and highlighting Frederictons's achievements.

This initiative will build upon Frederictons's reputation as a 'smart city', and it will elevate Canada's profile as an intelligent nation on global scale. Fredericton's involvement in i-Canada resulted from a lead generated from Fredericton Business Ambassador, John van Trijp, who currently resides in the Netherlands."

Read the article in The Daily Gleaner.


Pauline receives a laureate

Pauline Laumans from Utrecht won on October 24, 2010 the price for an essay contest with the title "New times, new values, better insights…?” organized by the Willemsfonds in Oostende. Pauline’s contribution was about a mature society. The title of her essay was "the difference between egoism and egocentrism".

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Press release (in Dutch): Dick Bruna receives the book Karmic Reflections.

Pauline hands the book over to Dick

Spring 2011, we handed the book “Karmic Reflections” to Dick Bruna. Dick Bruna is the World famous creator of "Miffy". His endorsement for this book is “I read your stories Tumulus and Anatomical Laboratory with growing enthusiasm and feel attracted to your philosophy which is so much more real and original than what has been in ages. Lots of success with Karmic Reflections.”


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