Duurzaam24.tv asked Pauline Laumans to make an integer TV program that offers insight into the life cycle of man. It offers insight in Alive Living, different blueprints and the meaning of Intuition.

Goal: human insight into the cycle of successive lives and life purpose that becomes visible once the first layers have been removed due to awareness.

Introduction of TV program "Helder Hart" (in English "Crystal Heart").

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Despite Conny has a flourishing practice herself and a deep insight into life as you can notice by her deep way of grounding, she has got a consult from me as a college about her life cycle cycles through many lifetimes:

Each episode is a compilage of a ca. 2 hour consultation. The private issues are removed as well as the coaching.
These broadcast are no longer visible at duurzaam24.tv but still through our website at uitzending gemist.