Libertas in Vivo (Latin) means “Freedom in Life”.

Goal: To show reality of man and environment (behind the veils). This allows you to live more consciously in freedom, peace and security.

By detaching the limited perspective and fear, you reconnect to yourself, regain balance and start your commitment. If you have made enough steps, you become a master who understands himself and what wise man / books told and finally you can assist others on their path.

Human Interest offers:

  • Holistic Therapy Life coaching based on Sivas (Western pulse diagnostic), Auriculo, NEI, Homeopathy, nutritional advice, Intuitive Insight (obtained after 8 years of training at
  • Personal Counseling and Coaching
  • Business Counselling or Coaching
  • Check-up (ca. 20 min supervision) 
  • Training Personal Intuitive Management (PIM)
  • Lectures (a.o. through the speakers collective “ZijSpreekt”) 
  • Books (see

Next to cognitive knowledge and worldly wisdom, we use intuition. Intuition is about Higher Inner Knowledge, the hidden existential intelligence that allows us to communicate with the energy present.
Living Alive is about observing the reality of life and acting accordingly. 
We distinguish Intuition with at the other side feeling, instinct, assumptions, cognitive skills and associations. See also the leaflet What is Intuition?