Who am I?

Background: psycho-social worker, reader- healer (8 years training at www.CLI.nl), TM, WCI, Self Realization Fellowship, Homeopathy, Sivas Auriculo medicinae, Registered nurse, Nei; Neuro Emotionele Integratie, Management and Coaching.
PIM Persoonlijk Intuïtief Management

  1. Practice since 1992 in Reading en Healing and helped so far over 1000 persons to gain insight in their life, life purpose and gain a higher level of consciousness.
  2. For Sustainable 24 TV I have filmed / recorded 12 consultations. uitzending gemist.
  3. Published five books. See: boekenroute.nl or www.c-t-u.com
  4. Writing columns for:
  5. Video's, References, Lectures and Workshops
  6. Recently I have supplemented Sivas Auriculo Medicinae to my practice.
  7. Massage; various types of massage possible.

I mainly focus on what you encounter in life, why and what’s your purpose.

On medical level my priorities are: stress, depression, transition and finding hormonal balance. I accompany you to lead your life instead of suffering. A healthy body is the basis to become more aware and that is my goal as shepherd and Holistic Therapist.

Base from which I work

During a consultation I use my many years of intuitive development, furthermore I make use of the energetic system (see image). Inspired by: Sri Yoekteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda, Paul Nogier, Ton van Gelder, Carl R. Rogers, Jean Piaget, Sigmund Freund, Carl Gustav Jung, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, John Gray, Susan Forward, Lilian Rubin, Virginia Satir, Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray, Ken Wilber and many others


Reading (life cycle, life and death, relationship, kids, birth, money, sexuality, pain, work, men and women, family, dying, future life, inner power, health, eyes and sight, ears and hearing, religion, own space, being a child of, Check-up, etc.)
Healing (stress, depression, sleep-wake rhythm, Psychosomatics, hormones, transition (to third phase of life), control systems, insufficiënties and blockades, immune system and ca. 20 forms of intoxication, subtle vehicles) (re-establishment of inner balance, connect with your original point, communication, emotions, senses, glands, bones, muscles, blood system, lymph system, organ system, nerve system, hormone system, telepathic channels, competition, essences, trauma spirit)
Sivas Auriculo medicinae (stress, depression, Sleep-wake rhythm, psychosomatics, hormones, menopause or transition to third phase of life, insufficiencies and blockades, immune system. And ca. 20 kinds of intoxication, subtle vehicles)
Treatment a.o. with homeopathy
Coaching: Aiming to help you with practical matters. Often this is a sequel to an intuitive consultation. The process is interactive and you will be encouraged to effective new behavior, self control and responsibility. Also I give terminal care.

Price list

Reading 1-2 hour € 105,-
Reading with some basic auriculo € 120,-
Healing per half hour € 30,--
Consult auriculo medicinae 1 hour € 60,-
Coaching per hour €50,-
Conditions: Cash on delivery. Appointment after agreement preferably made by e-mail. Sometimes a consultation takes places on your location and sometimes a distance Reading or Healing is possible. Ask about the possibilities.

Libertas in Vivo is about quality. To be noticed in our education and training, activities, references, and connections. We are connected to the Kiwa label and Solo Partners. Our name and quality stand for themselves.


Tel.: +31 618 541 278 (Pauline) E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (This e-mail address is protected against spambots. JavaScript has to be turned on to see it.).
• Skype: libertas.in.vivo.pauline.
• Chamber of Commerce 50549898
• VAT NL822798888B01

Nabuccostraat 7, 7323TE Apeldoorn NL. We are based locally, but act globally.

Background information

Primairy cause of illness is personal oriëntation: Ignorance, fear, control, lust, envy.
Effect > disbalance + fixed ideas, emotions, convictions etc.

By developing yourself, you develop your relation with the world that surrounds you creating your own freedom. If you gain, there is no more pain, because solving conflicts equals healing. You can modify your cells and also your DNA! Voordeel je geeft betere energie aan je omgeving en eventueel aan je nageslacht. Alles is immers verbonden met elkaar. Wie ontwaakt ervaart meer en kiest beter.

“Whoever fights against the laws of The Creator is lost in advance” Grandfather Tlakaelel.
The basic laws are: creation, transformation, destruction and during life these will succeed eachother. Blocking them will result in stress and illness.

You become ill moving from thin to coarse by losing your connection with the universe, earth, a lack of intellectual challenges or affection, insufficient healthy food and drinks, a lack of clean air. Stress will aggravate all these things. Often this will result in low tolerance, instability, stagnation or a complete lack of energy.

Illness manifests itself by fixated convictions, stress, lust, fixed emotions, fixated physical and chemical patterns, intoxications, genetic blueprints.
For example a long lasting emotion disturbs this behaviour and will lead to fixed emotions causing disfunctionality in turn causing illnesses in organs and tissues.

Fixations (convications, emotions, physical and chemical patterns) can originate from: past lives, pregnancies, birth, youth, work, family, education etc.

Allergies originate in the loose connective tissue (in the field of the Basic Bio Regulation System or BBRS). This is vital in the beginning of, continuation of and recovery from illnesses. When intoxications flood the storage of toxins, they will enter the bloodstream and the human body will detect this event and cause an allergic reaction.

With autoimmune diseases the body attacks itself as a direct effect of self-discontent and self-disfunction or being excluded from the outside world not having social interactions to keep you balanced.

What to do about it?
Energetic intervention. It means working on the deep consiousness from four angles to reboot the self regulating capacities and return of original integrity of the organism. Working in the upper thinness results in removal of disturbances in the ever lower regions like the energysystem, physical body, body and spirit.

Inner transformaton. This means a fundamental change of your perspective on yourself and the world that surrounds you. You must be willing and able to let go of all that ties you down. The aim is: master and balance your inner and outer self, to start living from your deepest core. To reach this core you have to overcome resistance in yourself and others, confront loneliness, experience help, convert fear in to courage to break through your mirror image.

If you do not detect flaws in the upper thin regions you will lose your balance and will be called ill according to the view of the western world.
You will have irritations and inflamations of the body, known by the public as conditions that end with …itis, like hepatitis, sinusitis etc.
Untreated, or treated insufficiently, these will result in a chronic condition causing cold or empty energetic spots, known by the public with names ending on …osis, like artrosis.
Next, the damages only increase.

Instead of treating symptoms only, I go to the core of the problem to work on a solution, affecting other layers as well. Everything you do NOW is the basis for the rest of your current life and future lifes. It's a choice between gain or pain.