We guide people on their soul journey through life.
Goal: insight into the deeper layers of yourself (metaphysics), in order to get visibility on your possibilities and impossibilities

Questions to ask include: what makes me sick and what can I do about it? What brings this job me? What am I working out? How are the relationships within the relationship? What is my goal in life? I'm pregnant and what brings us this child? I want to ... but it's not. What do I need to achieve this? What does the encounter with..? Which past lives we have had together that stepping stone for this life? In which cycle I sit? What were your parents wishes for you and your wishes for them? What are your wishes for your children and your children with you? What do you want in yourself born? Why is this child born to me? What was the life goal of my stillborn child? How do I get my next life after death? etc.

A full consultation will take about 2 hours. Each theme is negotiable (red wire through lifetimes, health, work, sexuality, money, relationships, relationships with colleagues or deceased people, home, family relationships etc.)

1. Intuitive consultation

After more than 7 years Intuitive training at CLI in Utrecht and ca. 1500 consultations, we have deep insight in the life book of people. On both mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually we assist people since 1992.

You hear and experience at least:

  • What is at stake in your life at present
  • The background or cause
  • The possibilities and the pitfalls
  • Which steps you can take in the future
  • Your heart desire

You learn to transform the disturbing exterior – where unsafety and impossibilities lie. You no longer need to repeat but instead you see the possibilities and start to live more consciously.
This consultation is face to face. In case you live abroad, please inform about the possibilities.

2. Counselling Consult

We both worked as a coach/counsellor and Pauline also worked as a trainer at the Academy for Coaching and Counselling.

Goal: you will be helped with practical matters. Often this is a sequel to an intuitive consultation. It is an interactive process where you will be encouraged to show effective behavior, gain self-steering and become responsible.

This consultation is face to face or through Skype.


  • A complete consult takes 1.5 until 2 hours and costs € 105.
  • After two hours, we stop the consultation. Persons, who can demonstrate their income is at the level of income support per Household, can have a reduced price after consulting us. Immaterial payment possible after agreed upon with us. Only direct payment or in advance payment.


  • Tel.: +31 618 541 278 (Pauline) or +31 618 497 832 (John)
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Skype libertas.in.vivo.john of libertas.in.vivo.pauline.
  • Who are we?

Appointments and Cancellation

Consultations are by appointment and on our location. On another location travel and allowance expenses are for your account. By failure of an appointment, the fee will be charged. If you cancel the appointment at least two days in advance either by phone or e-mail no fee will be charged.

Long Distance Consult

You can make use of this possibility whenever you are ill and already had a personal consultation or when you live abroad. While abroad ask beforehand for the possibilities.
Wherever you live we need your personal and essence permission.
Ask for your possibilities. You pay for this consultation beforehand after we agreed date, time and duration of the consultation.