Goal: To learn how to communicate with the energy that is present.

Initially you learn to discover your own energy and how to get rid of the energy of others. Eventually you learn also to communicate with the energy of others - in interaction to others or their activities.

Also known as Existential Intelligence or Higher Inner Knowledge.

What is Intuition?

It is learning to observe and recognize the hidden knowledge behind the direct appearance. It is knowledge. This knowledge gives answers on deep life questions and thus distinguishes itself from feelings and instinct.

Why Intuition?

In order to proceed beyond hindrances and vicious circles, you need to us next to cognitive knowledge your deepest inner knowledge. By developing this inner knowledge you become eventually intuitive. After several years of training it becomes a trustworthy instrument that gives you access to whatever is hidden behind the veils of illusion.

What can be achieved by intuition?

This highest communication level gives real answers to mental, physical, emotional and live questions.
You learn to connect and use both hemispheres. As a result you analyze, internalize and increase your possibilities. You experience many perspectives and more often the total image (360o). You learn to communicate with the essence of that what lives.

Your input to achieve this goal

You must be willing to detach yourself from learned ideas and concepts and open up for new experiences and other perspectives that you discover while communicating with your deepest inner Self.


We mainly give Post Intuitive Training for those who passed an intuitive training at other institutions.
We assist them to continue to higher Intuitive levels such as the meta intuitive level or beyond.

PIM Training

During the training you make a discovery journey within yourself. You learn to discriminate yourself from others and entities who like to hide themselves. Whenever possible you let go of them. The more you become less the more your consciousness increased and your own essence incorporates your body. This means you become more grounded. From your essence you learn to communicate to the essences of all other life. This training is only possible after consultation.


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Intuitive Development started in 1978 and spread all over Europe. It helps professionals and those interested in an effective way to notice the truth behind the appearance (veils) and to act accordingly.