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Libertas in Vivo v.o.f. is thankful for the many reactions and references we get.

"I say Wow! I have listened again to the past consultation. It was all so recognizable and you were completely right. Everything you've said, I've experienced in my regressions with a medium, only you are able to notice deeper layers and went into the adventure. It was a confirmation. Chapeau for you and your pure knowledge. I now have so much rest in me because I now have the knowledge - feeling - where these haphazard feelings originated from. I would like to make a next appointment with you to finally take away the "incantations" out of me. You've stabilized it, but to get rid of them is better. Another tip of me is unconscious suspicion. I can now restore this very well, but it still comes around the corner as a devil coming suddenly out of the box. These themes I like to integrate with your help. You are a gift that you have come on my path and I certainly like to "use" your assistance. Let me hear on what term an appointment suits you. Once more thank you for the beautiful insights and "digestions" you gave to me. Maudy Kreminicki"

"On the site of I read a contribution from you, without date. The contribution is about intuition, breasts and sensitivity. So wonderful written and it touches me deep. Especially since I almost always walk around with sore breasts and lifelong I take care - already since my second year - for others and I am extremely tired of it. Your contribution confronted me and was very instructive. Wonderful to read, thanks for this."

"I found you at the site of Ron Fonteine. Anything you write hits me deep in my soul. I would like to ask you some questions. Before I do I like to know if there are any charges and what those charges would be. My income as a single mother is not that high. I hope this can be done via the e-mail. I look forward hearing from you, Hester"

"I was pleasantly surprised by your special lecture, really exciting and interesting. You're a no-nonsense woman with a big pair of scissors to cut the Gordian Knot and in-depth knowledge." Maudy Kreminicki

"By the same interest Pauline and I connected on LinkedIn! This enable me to attend her lecture: How to live freely NOW and untangle the Gordian Knot? It is a party to listen to her, very inspiring! I experience Pauline as a special person with a lot of 'old ' (not outdated) knowledge. She knows how to trigger you to the very core, of your Self and Life. To open your eyes and no longer live a dead life in rounds that keep us wandering in the same vicious circle of the wheel of life. Pauline is able to enable you to live in the present and remember why you got/taken this space on earth. I marvel at her inexhaustible (scientific) knowledge and I have only heard a fraction. Her realistic approach to life and her clear expression appeal to me. I am very happy that we have met!" Gitta de Vries

"Have I already thanked you for your good advice and the time and effort you spend on me? Not many people I meet on my path put that much effort in someone else. After calculating your chart and confirmation that you have completed your moon knots, I wondered: Could I call you an AVATAR (Sanskrit)?" Ruud Hollander

"Thanks for your clear and enriching lecture! Interesting and fascinating that you know how to include current news. The drawings and metaphors made the lecture colorful and easy to understand. I 'm glad I was present. Djiron can catch up some of it by the reference paper you gave." Talitha van Lissa-Oegema"

"If only I had listened to you! I think often to the words. I am now working to redesign my life after two years 'mourning' about the injustice and loss. The both of you are a golden couple" anonymous from Canada

"Dr. Robert Rose mentions: "We must form a mutual appreciation society. Seriously - Thanks and I found you to be what I call a "sweet' human being. A complete, loving person. Doc You DESERVE it. Bob

"I also enjoyed your presentation. I find it very inspiring how you approach people and what you have given us on the path to conscious living, it invites me again to stand still and ask questions." Sandra Zimmer

"Your lecture has done me very well, thanks a lot! Inspiring, informative, clear, recognizable and realistic! I am very happy that I was able at the last minute to participate." Gitta de Vries

"It was quite an experience to be able to attend your lecture. The lecture was really nice and informative. Thank you." Peter Kreminicki

"Thanks for the invitation yesterday and the presentation itself. I enjoyed it as well as I enjoyed several responses afterwards." Leander Tijdhof

"Thanks once again for the insights, I was glad to have the energy to be present" Ron Fonteine.

"Five years ago I was in great trouble and I did not knew how to cope. My mother in law and a few acquaintances had good experiences with the service provided by Pauline and I decided too to visit Pauline, I heard Pauline is capable to understand exactly how I feel. The first counseling I felt completely understood by her and I was glad that she told me how I was feeling, were it came from and what could be done about it; where I should focus my attention on in the first place. I did not had to explain it to her. She guided me in finding my own answers to the questions I had and through that I have learned to guide myself. I have learned to be on my own two feet, without becoming depended of her. Pauline is a friendly guide who made me consciously aware of the beauty and force within me and she learned me to remember it, acknowledge it and retrieve it. It accomplished that I have so much more energy and joy of life". Thalitha-van Lissa Oegema

"Pauline is a great spiritual coach. She is able to unlock doors you might not even be aware that they exist. She is able to help me grow on a deeper level. It does not matter how down to earth you are, Pauline is able to show you more than you can imagine. An experience I can recommend to everyone." Vincent Hollaar

"Thanks for your remarkable and recognizable life story about how a human becomes a deep and real living human. You are a very wise and mature lady. That is nice for those persons that are you encounter"." Herman Lammert

"You have a lot of modality, a lot of energy work that you have that will be teaching. Your books will open a lot of doors”. Steve Rother

"When I decided to leave the old people's home of the Salvation Army at the age of 85, Pauline was there to assist me to be back on my own feet once more. She and I even became friends". Marie Mosterd

"It was great to have a real friend on this conscious aware level who helped me out on the level of Essence. It was always a pleasure to communicate from Essence to Essence with each other". Ria Royen

"It has been some time since I followed your teachings. As you know I always enjoyed attending classes. Your way of handling issues in the lessons and handling emotions of the group were instructive. Your teachings have influenced my life improvingly. I wanted to let you know these and more thanks for all care and devotion". Trudy van Klaveren

"In a sudden and most difficult time of my life Pauline gave me renewed zest for life". Mrs. Neefs.

"Because of meeting Pauline and her inspirational teachings and guidance I was able to regain my self-worth and develop the lovely self-trusting woman that I now am". Mrs. Crans

"Whenever I was uncertain I was able to ask Pauline for clear light on the issue at hand". Mrs. de Jager"

"Pauline was able to understand my different background and re-gave me the spirit to stand up for my human rights as a single woman". Mrs I. Lasatira

"The reading/healing of Pauline opened up my eyes and preserved me for making repeatedly bad choices in life. I surely consult her more often!". Dieneke Tanis

"John and Pauline are the real thing. They helped me at one of the most difficult points in my life, and their reading gave me real clarity and insight into my situation. Anybody who keeps an open mind about the reading process will benefit from it. Michelle Superle"

"Dank je wel mevrouw Laumans. Jij bent een zeer goed lerarr en ik ben een utstekend student. Prettige Dinsdag. David Geris"

"Even in this abbreviated reading, there was much food for thought, some things that I did not realize and much that seemed to fit closely with my self-understanding, I found you both to be gentle and yet straightforward in your comments. The reading did not seem intrusive in any way. Alice Finnamore"

"The energy reading was great- more like a personality / fortune-telling session. John and Pauline are very intuitive. The session was relaxing and I felt feeling peaceful and relaxed while feeling energized at the same time. I believe Pauline and John can help us tap into our energy sources and provide us with information about ourselves and the universe and how we relate to and in the universe. I highly recommend them and Libertas in Vivo! Karen LeBlanc"

"It was a relaxing and rewarding experience. It was a revelation. I got acquainted with all that interferes and all possibilities of daily life and how to cope. I truly recommend others to have an energy reading as it improves the quality of life in a very gentle /easy going way. It really felt good. Clarine Graig"

"I was pleasantly surprised and enlightened how in just one hour, you had the ability to see my energy and explain it to me so thoroughly. It was a comfortable experience and I feel this exercise is a helpful step towards self improvement - personally and professionally. Julie O'Brian"

"The most beautiful thing that we can experience is the Mystical. It is the source of all true art and science". Albert Einstein. My half hour with Pauline Laumans and John van Trijp was an experience that reinforced for me the existence of human energy (essence) fields that exists & Extend from all living matter. Understanding this existence, through on on-going sensatory process guide by Pauline and John may bring to you the state of energy & matter interchanging giving balance & harmony to your life; thus, engaging you with a more joyous existence and higher productivity level. Carol Ann Hanley"

"Ir. Anouk Brack from the University of Wageningen, Netherlands quoted in her inauguration madam Anaïs Nin who said : “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are ”. "We can learn to see things as they exist."

"I wanted to send you a very big thank you for doing my energy read. You two are truly talented. I have had reads before, but not like this one. It was like you had somehow known me for years..........and some. Everything you said made sense. There was no way you could have known the things you knew without having the ability that you both have. Sometimes its hard for us "non intuitive" people to understand how it all works, it just does.
All I can say is wow!! I would definitely advise that anyone and everyone should try this. It gave me so much insight into myself, my work and my family. It helped me make some major decisions in my life that will affect my future for the good. Sometimes it’s hard to hear the truth, but its the only way to make good changes. Thanks again...... Victoria Boer"

"I have never had my energy read before. I wasn't sure what it would be like, but it was interesting to see Pauline and John connect to my energy and give me feedback. I went away with lots of information to consider and think about concerning my own personal and career objective. Overall it was interesting and helpful." Thanks. Sarah Irvine"

"I found the energy reading very enlightening and thought provoking. It causes the person to reflect upon themselves and concentrate on the inner feelings when making decisions or planning for future. Karen Grant"

"Thank you for taking the time to meet with me for an energy reading. I appreciated your generous offer. I found the experience to be both interesting and insightful. You were able to tune into things that were happening for me. When I left I was very relaxed and energized! I wish you continued success! Wendy Southworth"

"Pauline and John have a wonderful environment to read your energy. I feel my session provided insight, however, a little on the safe side. 'I was hoping this short introduction session for a nugget of insight to poke holes in my doubt about energy readings. I was offered a short introduction session so this was not possible. I'm still skeptical, but for anyone who hasn't had a reading, this is a must! Stephen Banks"

"I recently had an opportunity to have a session with Pauline Laumans and John van Trijp from "Libertas in Vivo". Pauline and John's technique is unique to this region, so I was curious to see how they worked. I was unsure what to expect when I entered their home. But quickly I was put at ease, feeling comfortable and safe. Reflecting back, I have to say I was impressed with what transpired. I found them to be very professional in their technique and clear in their presentation of information. They work as a team throughout the session, gathering intuitive impressions, and then, translating these impressions for the client. I found the session to be meaningful for me. Many experiences and premonitions that I have had over the years were validated. I found this to be most helpful to me personally, as it was provided me with direction and clarity. I have reflected on the information that I received that day and I would recommend their services to anyone that values intuitive insights into their life and life's purpose. My hope is that many others will have an opportunity, like I did. I know they will not be disappointed. With great sincerity. Bonnie Doughty"

"I wish to be perfect honest, as we discussed. As a technologist, I do feel that there may be some science behind interpretation of the energy (or 'vibes' or aura) that a person's body gives off. I am still skeptical as to whether another person has the ability to "feel" that energy without the aid of some scientific measurement equipment. I am also skeptical that a person or machine could interpret from one's current energy and, thereby, draw conclusions as to what happened years ago in the formative years of a person's life. Your communications to me were mostly clear. I do feel that some of the aspects that you interpreted were "safe" in that most people could find relevance in their lives to what you said that you understood from reading my energy. For example, almost anyone could find relevance in a tuning fork in the path they decided to take at any early age. In most of us, we are somewhat torn between following the guidance of our parents and seeking our own unique identity. In my case, I drew from this that I have a creative side (my music and other hobbies) and a business/ technical side which I have followed in my career. I think it also somewhat safe to assume that a normal person has some doubts as to whether they have made the proper choice to follow in their life's journey. By having these doubts, I feel that your comments about following your heart and making a potential change towards the creative side are good comments. They help to reassure me I still have options, even at later stages of life. The session was worthwhile. I enjoyed both the social interaction of the evening and the facts that 1. the session made me remember some of my childhood and adolescent struggles to find my career path that I would take 2- it created some positive stress in me to appreciate the non-business aspects of my life and that they are serving me well with happiness and fond remembrances. I am a tough subject and others may approach the energy/reading process and its potential benefits from different viewpoints. I believe that, depending on the current mood and personal/business situations subjects are in, interventions like this can often become life altering and highly meaningful processes. The thought-provoking nature of your session may be sufficient for some subjects to internalize great meaning and put into place life changes as a result of an energy reading. Dale Dunphy"