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"I also enjoyed your presentation. I find it very inspiring how you approach people and what you have given us on the path to conscious living, it invites me again to stand still and ask questions." Sandra Zimmer

"Your lecture has done me very well, thanks a lot! Inspiring, informative, clear, recognizable and realistic! I am very happy that I was able at the last minute to participate." Gitta de Vries

"It was quite an experience to be able to attend your lecture. The lecture was really nice and informative. Thank you." Peter Kreminicki

"Thanks for the invitation yesterday and the presentation itself. I enjoyed it as well as I enjoyed several responses afterwards." Leander Tijdhof

"Thanks once again for the insights, I was glad to have the energy to be present" Ron Fonteine.

"Five years ago I was in great trouble and I did not knew how to cope. My mother in law and a few acquaintances had good experiences with the service provided by Pauline and I decided too to visit Pauline, I heard Pauline is capable to understand exactly how I feel. The first counseling I felt completely understood by her and I was glad that she told me how I was feeling, were it came from and what could be done about it; where I should focus my attention on in the first place. I did not had to explain it to her. She guided me in finding my own answers to the questions I had and through that I have learned to guide myself. I have learned to be on my own two feet, without becoming depended of her. Pauline is a friendly guide who made me consciously aware of the beauty and force within me and she learned me to remember it, acknowledge it and retrieve it. It accomplished that I have so much more energy and joy of life". Thalitha-van Lissa Oegema

"Pauline is a great spiritual coach. She is able to unlock doors you might not even be aware that they exist. She is able to help me grow on a deeper level. It does not matter how down to earth you are, Pauline is able to show you more than you can imagine. An experience I can recommend to everyone." Vincent Hollaar

"Thanks for your remarkable and recognizable life story about how a human becomes a deep and real living human. You are a very wise and mature lady. That is nice for those persons that are you encounter"." Herman Lammert

"You have a lot of modality, a lot of energy work that you have that will be teaching. Your books will open a lot of doors”. Steve Rother

"When I decided to leave the old people's home of the Salvation Army at the age of 85, Pauline was there to assist me to be back on my own feet once more. She and I even became friends". Marie Mosterd

"It was great to have a real friend on this conscious aware level who helped me out on the level of Essence. It was always a pleasure to communicate from Essence to Essence with each other". Ria Royen

"It has been some time since I followed your teachings. As you know I always enjoyed attending classes. Your way of handling issues in the lessons and handling emotions of the group were instructive. Your teachings have influenced my life improvingly. I wanted to let you know these and more thanks for all care and devotion". Trudy van Klaveren

"In a sudden and most difficult time of my life Pauline gave me renewed zest for life". Mrs. Neefs.

"Because of meeting Pauline and her inspirational teachings and guidance I was able to regain my self-worth and develop the lovely self-trusting woman that I now am". Mrs. Crans

"Whenever I was uncertain I was able to ask Pauline for clear light on the issue at hand". Mrs. de Jager"

"Pauline was able to understand my different background and re-gave me the spirit to stand up for my human rights as a single woman". Mrs I. Lasatira

"The reading/healing of Pauline opened up my eyes and preserved me for making repeatedly bad choices in life. I surely consult her more often!". Dieneke Tanis