Where does the hand go?

Men / gentlemen(?) seem to have a habit of putting their hands in their pocket when they are “on display”. As a personal coach with a rich European history (The Netherlands) I feel it makes an awkward impression on readers, visitors, business partners or women. When I am correct, uniform wearers like the military, are strictly prohibited from using the pockets. So, the correct posture is known in this society. Why still doing this? The textbooks suggest it is all about insecurity and it shows in the body language involved.

When men want to be gentlemen in business with all the necessary skills to trade with partners abroad, the first thing to do is to attend to their body language. To do so, one needs to be aware of oneself. Hence, know yourself first before you can be empathic to your clients needs. It is so easy to look at the outside world and write comments about how Atlantic Canada may or may not behave. The true challenge lies within and once mastered it gives infinite insight in the world!

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From I-llnes to WE-llness: how off balance can we be!

Today I stumbled upon the website of the World Day of Interconnectedness 101010 (http://www.interconnectedness101010.org/).

It celebrates for the 2nd time in a row the day of interconnectedness and calls for joining the movement from I-llness to WE-llness. One thing really stands out to me that is the acronym “I-llness” as in contrast to “WE-llness”. Checking out the website shows many people and organizations support the idea of interconnectedness. But who in Earths sake came up with the idea of I-llness????????????????

“I” as in “I AM” should never be connected with the word illness. By doing so we proclaim ourselves, our individual being as an illness: something to overcome and be healed from. Is this really what we want???

I (yes, I!) am convinced and know we have the true and intrinsic birth right to be. Nothing more, and nothing less for “I” represents one side of the balance we make part of as an individual.

The other side of the balance is, you may have guessed already “WE”. Both, I and WE are equally important as they interact every second of our life. This interaction by the way, (the movement/swing of the balance in fact) creates new integrative energy which I see as one of the three basic fundamentals:

I + WE = IWE

Never, I repeat NEVER, can we grow, live or be as a human being without respecting these tree basic fundamentals. Our true destination in life is growing by creation (= IWE) and not amputating part of the equation by removing “I” which leaves us totally off-balance in self denial.

Rethink, better re-feel what interconnectedness truly means and you may conclude interconnectedness means also interconnectedness with I…

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Apps Symbolism: (Re-) Using the Power of Imagination

Many modern phones; PDA’s and computers communicate with the user by means of symbols which are shown on the opening screen. Just click one of those symbols and you are in business; the program starts. Normal everyday routine to millions of people and we seem to take it for granted.

Most of these symbols refer to “apps”, short for “applications”. By just showing one image, anyone knows what app starts up when clicked. Although in the Western World we predominantly use the Latin alphabet of 26 characters (remind this word – character) to write words and sentences; it seems we all are reverting to something old – older than the Latin alphabet anyway. We all are using “characters” again, like the Japanese and Chinese still do today. In fact we revert to ancient history by using Symbolism again; I call it Apps Symbolism. As it feels so natural to use, we may ask the upright question whether the Latin alphabet has served it time!

Considering the pace of society is still increasing and we have the tendency to simplify and condense; I tend to say “YES”.

Apps Symbolism  seems to serve everyone from every culture, bridges differences in languages and is neutral in perspective. It is unwinding the old Tower of Babel where according to legends, the different languages emerged. In fact it is the Tower of Babel in reverse and to my conviction it is the introduction of a new unified language transcending barriers and focusing on that what man does best: (re-) using the power of imagination.

Is there more we can wish for?

O.K.: Here is the freshly engineered Apps Symbolism symbol …

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Social Media; in need for a Good Code of Conduct and how should it look like?

Social Media are the preferred tool to present a personal opinion. As soon as this personal opinion starts to interact with the company policy a possible confrontation between those two start to emerge. It may be time to think about a Good Code of Conduct, but in what way? As personal opinions are personal by definition they lack all aspects related to non-verbal communication when expressed through Social Media. The writer cannot present under currents of the message and this is left to the reader of the message. Everybody may have had the following experience in the past: an e-mail written with the best of intentions is misunderstood by the recipient with a possible clash as a result.

I think a possible Good Code of Conduct should primarily target itself on compensating the lack of non-verbal communication in Social Media. How? It seems more than logical to use Common Sense for companies and writers alike preventing a top-down “What to do and not to do” statement from companies, governments etc.. The Good Code of Conduct should be envisaged by showing empathy for the recipient of the message by realizing what is Integrity and Respect and act accordingly. Hence, Social Media may keep growing organically as long as we accept and practice Integrity and Respect as a Good Code of Conduct. We are the ones with the obligation to practice it accordingly.

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First Bubble to be Opened!

As they say, this is the first momentum to be continued on this site and as they say, it is okay!

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