MH17 Aftermath Asks for Resilience

Just a week ago flight MH17 was downed over the eastern Ukraine leaving people, family and the world with many questions. What happened? Why, by whom and what are we going to do about it? Footage of the arrival of numerous caskets in The Netherlands are aired globally and bring shock and emotions again.
As questions are raised authorities spring into action to secure the crash site, start an investigation, mobilize nations, the UN, the OSCE, inform family and all other parties that are directly or indirectly involved in the development of the aftermath of this crash. At the moment of writing the crash of MH17 is just over one week ago and as such still has a lot of momentum worldwide. Inevitably there will come a moment this momentum will slow down and will at best get page 9 in some newspaper or other news channel.
What is so important for everybody is to realize resilience, the ability to bounce back after a crisis (like this one) has occurred is of vital importance to deal with that particular moment momentum is withering and perhaps even fading. Resilience can help to overcome and cope. What it asks right now is full awareness of the situation, not only for individuals but also for organizations at all levels. What are we doing, why are we doing this, what is very important to keep focused on and how do we communicate? Furthermore we have to understand our weaknesses and vulnerabilities in this process. By paying attention we are better prepared for the upcoming challenges like national discussions, debates in parliament and mental health for everybody involved.
Of course it is very tempting to focus on the technical issues, but they can never replace the moment governments, national and international bodies and all humans involved are faced with so-called shortcomings or any suggestion of shortcomings.
Resilience is the key factor to handle this moment that will come. So, the build up of resilience should go right along with the build up of the technical focus dealing with the aftermath of the downing of MH17 otherwise we may end up in a black hole tempting us to blame others for what we forgot to do: building up resilience – a life essence for man and organization.

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