Reshuffling the Pyramid Society

From a daily perspective one sees only the major crisis in the financial system. When remembering my former blog “The Pyramid Society” you know money is a pyramid currency. In Europe with its Eurozone money was available in full abundance. In fact it gave every participating country the feeling the were on top of things… Reality unveils what this truly means: greed, greed and greed again to stay on top. Because of the Pyramid everyone seems to forget the simple principle of sustainability. A principle well known in the world of environmental sciences and introduced by the Brundlandt Report. As a direct result of this principle one can readily see being on top can only be achieved for a limited period of time and implies others cannot be on top. How different the current Eurozone situation is… where this is not the case.
Sustainability means:
not taking out more than is put in
accept one cannot always be on top
accept the dynamics of the system
no cookie jar behavior… cookies will run out leaving others with emptiness

The new society should be sustainable and create fullness from the inside by fostering the creative aspect of men instead robbing from the outside to leave a barren waste land.
Forget the Pyramids… they have been there too long a time and embrace the new dynamics of sustainability.
It starts with the acceptance we are all equal and no one is more equal than others.

True sustainability… look at nature for inspiration!

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