Skipping the bonus does not solve the problem; Dancing does

Everybody is familiar since the credit crunch with the messages about top bankers and other CEO’s who receive bonuses of often millions of dollars and more. And we are all against it as we all have that distinct ethical feeling “there must be some wrong” in financial fairy tale land. True, there is something wrong when only a few receive a lot and a lot receive only a few.

In response society is calling out for action: extra taxes on bonuses or skipping the bonus at all. O.k., we all think problem solved let’s return to our daily routine. Since when do we believe in fairy tales? Yes, when we were kids fairy tales were the preferred we to tell us something about society but as adults we have an extra mile to go beyond fairy tale land. Skipping bonuses (or taxing them away) is just similar to get rid of the smoke without quenching the fire that causes the smoke. Get the picture? We just try to wipe out a symptom instead of dealing with the cause itself and believe it or not we are happy with it. In the mean time all the bonuses will find an alternative way as the recipients will not let go of it. It results in a fight no one can win.

The true solution is recognizing what causes this behavior. It is the behavior of the individual who is at the top of the pyramidal structure we all support. Removing this individual from office or denying a bonus does not change the model as taking the top of a pyramid reveals a new top of that very same pyramid. Only changing our love for pyramids will give what we all need: a dynamic society where everybody had it place based on the possibility of moving and dancing instead of getting immobilized somewhere in the pyramid.

Moving and dancing is done by telling yourself everybody is part of society without fixed jobs, without fixed positions and we are our own master. This implies we see others as masters as well, taking control over their own life without interfering with others’ (and your) life. Difficult you may say or even impossible to do. I do not agree as the natural world around shows us daily how to do this. Every plant, animal or being has a place (niche) and occupies it as long as time ask it to do. When the role to be played or danced is fulfilled the plant, animal or being (or even the complete species) disappears or is changed (evolution) according to what needs to be learned.
It is no surprise nowadays many feel the need to leave a job or are forced out of a job by circumstances. It provides ample opportunity to start an activity of your own where one can find a lot of satisfaction. When you do what your heart tells you to do fulfillment is there and you start to master your own life and Life shall treat you well. Ultimately the pyramid is left behind and traded for the Dance where you are the performer like all other plants, animals and beings do on Earth.

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