The Myth of an Endless Amount of Money

With a regular pace I see e-mails and invitations pouring in on either my desk or on the wide screen of my computer. All with happy stories how with a minimal effort I can quadruple the contents of my bank account. Very tempting I must say, but as always: there is a snag and it is very important to understand why this does not work on the long run.
Suppose it does work, it means everybody on earth has the possibility to increase their bank account, where does this come from. In fact it comes from other people who experience a decrease of their bank account. Oops, that is not what we want do we? Ask yourself the following question “how can I get more money, while other do the same?”. I say “it is not possible”. In the current monetary system money flows from one point to another; just like energy does. In fact money is part of our material world and symbolizes this world: it provides access and security in and to this material world. Everybody wants more and more access and security, what is new? As stated earlier, this is not possible! Suppose I create a vast amount of money let’s say € 1,000,000.00 the consequence is that somewhere else in the world this same amount disappears. Not as a total sum, but more like € 1.00 for one million people as an individual. You may argue that governments may print extra bills in order to create more money. True, but the value of those bills will decrease. To provide the much wanted access and security one needs more of those bills (inflation!).
In fact, one may even argue it is a kind of Ponzi Scheme (Pyramid Game) where the rich try to get richer by “generous gifts” of the lesser rich (or poor). In the end this will always blow up on our face in order to establish a new balance. Those with excessive funds will lose and those without will benefit. No one likes to lose and everyone likes to gain. Realizing this we are back at the beginning of this story…
I state the total amount of money in our world is fixed and cannot become more or less whatever trick we like pull out of our sleeve.
The only thing that varies is where the money is and how it floats, not the amount. Now you know why the Greek society has to return all the money they have received in abuse of all regulations. Yes, return and NOT receive more as this will support the imbalance even further. The local variety of the Euro (let us say “Greuro”) is worth less than the German variety of the Euro (“Geuro”) and the only thing to do is to accept this fact and accept there is no single Euro. Just local varieties. To balance out the Greuro is to be devaluated and the Geuro is not. Impossible in the current situation one may say. Yes I agree, the solution lies in accepting one cannot have more money than one is in balance with. This also counts for countries. So either we accept things like a Greuro or Geuro and we accept that nations and individuals always want more and more and never want to balance out to make the equation or we create a single Europe as one country with one federal government.
O.k. back to basics: pursuing getting more and more money is pursuing a myth as eventually all the money has to be returned to balance the equation.
So think twice before you embark on a quest so nicely envisaged by brochures, e-mails or sales people: to receive one has to pay, this is the logic consequence of our monetary system, as said earlier this is a Pyramid System. Being on top of the Pyramid always implies others have to support you and they will not do so in the long run: money must flow, bubbles must break, countries must default: no escape possible as the BALANCE rules.

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