The Pyramid Society

When we look at modern day Western Society we see in all kinds and shapes the very same Pyramids… You don’t see them? O.k. let’s give me some clarification. Pyramids point skywards, to the cosmos. I found out they show a society based on a Master / Slave configuration, or in today’s words: Manager / Servant. At the top the Manager is located (what is new) supported by his servants / workers. In fact, the Manager can only be at the top because of this support. Nowadays easily forgotten by many Managers and any other kind of similar function ranging from a political one to an economical one. The Egyptian Pyramids were build to express the ideas of society living at that particular period of time: Pharaohs and High Priests have the largest as they controlled many people. Watch the word “controlled” as this exactly shows us what was going on then and is still going on today. Many individuals (at least I hope they are more than just humans and possess some individuality) are needed to support current western society. The better one is doing so the more money one receives (a Pyramid currency), the more praise one receives (higher esteem) and when all goes well, the higher one gets in the Pyramid society of today. But… when one threatens the position of the Manager one is kicked off the pyramid unless one has acquired many supporters to prevent this. A revolt may start (look at present day situation in Libya, Syria, Egypt and even Israel) just to trade in the old pyramid for one new… An endless and pointless road only leading to destruction instead of creation. My point is proven many times in history so far and dates back to our love for the society of the Ancient Egyptians. Recently Swiss researchers found many people in Europe have genes related to the Pharaohs ( so, the idea is simple: we remember and try to recreate the past (the past is similar to the Cosmos – that is why Egyptians were so much interested in the Cosmos).

One may ask the following questions: Why is it we live in modern day society and feel it so difficult to maintain our self? Why is it we like to build high rise structures? Why is it we have such a nag for control? Why is it we like to believe instead of to know? Why is it what others say is more important than what you say? What is needed…?

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